Removing Red Diesel Dye

Red diesel is a tax free fuel that is sold mostly to farmers around the world. This fuel is intended for farmers and off-road vehicles only in an effort to reduce costs of farmers. The reason that the dye is red is in order to keep people from purchasing cheaper fuel and using it for regular, non-off-road use. It also differs in properties from regular diesel that you can buy at any gas station. Red diesel is created for its intended use only and will not work as regular diesel would for machinery that otherwise uses regular diesel. While it is possible to remove the red dye from diesel in order to use it in on-road vehicles, the process of dye removal is costly and time-consuming and would therefore defeat the purpose of trying to save money on fuel. Whats more, if you do get pulled over under suspicion of using red diesel on the road, police offers do not simply use a dip stick to check the color of the fuel in the tank but also a special light that can spot dyed fuel. Fines for using red diesel on the road can be incredibly hefty.

Red Diesel Dye Remover

Dyed diesel is used in many countries and comes in red, green and blue. This is done to lower prices by reducing or removing taxes and tariffs for certain activities such as farming. Another use of dyed fuel is in airplanes. It both reduces the costs of massive amounts of gasoline but its specific color prevents the wrong kind of fuel from being used. Most industrialized countries, from the United States to the European Union to most of western and central Europe to Australia currently use dye to identify certain fuels and designate them for specific uses.